RV Collision Repair: Why An Expert's Touch Is Needed

Whether it's a collision with another automobile on the road or an unfortunate scrape with a fence while trying to maneuver out of a tight space, recreational vehicles suffer collision damage just like any other vehicle. If your RV has been in a collision, you will need to hire a specialist with experience repairing recreational vehicles; not only do RV repairs require specialized tools, but it requires a broader level of knowledge than working with conventional automobiles.

Expertise In Fiberglass Repair Is Required

Specialists who perform RV repairs are experts in fiberglass detailing; this is not a skill that basic auto mechanics acquire in the course of working with regular automobiles. An RV's chassis consists of fiberglass over a metal frame. Repairing collision damage to the fiberglass chassis requires a specialized garage space with air filtration devices along with fiberglass repair equipment; this is rare to find in an auto collision repair shop that does not specialize in repairing recreational vehicles. The good news is that the fiberglass exterior of the recreational vehicle can be easily restored to look like new, often without ordering any specialized parts from the manufacturer. New fiberglass can be fitted to the frame and painted using matching colors to restore the recreational vehicle to factory condition.

Electrical, Plumbing And Septic Systems Require Special Care And Attention

Another reason why it's important to find an automotive repair specialist with many years of experience repairing recreational vehicles is that RVs have many fixtures that normal automobile mechanics do not have the knowledge to correctly repair. For example, the electrical wiring, the plumbing and the septic system of the RV may be damaged in the event of a collision, and will need to be carefully examined. It is very important to ensure that all systems are working properly after a collision; attention should particularly be paid to the electrical wiring. Frayed wires after a collision are a potential source of electrical fires, which are extremely dangerous both to you and others on the road or in the RV park.

In addition, another reason why hiring an expert who has done many recreational vehicle repairs is that the force of a collision can affect areas across the entire RV; damage is not always localized to the site of the collision. For example, fittings in the plumbing or septic systems can become loose after a collision, which can lead to severe problems later down the road in the form of water leaks or problems with flow to the septic tank. If the entire recreational vehicle is not inspected by a qualified expert when it is being repaired.

Between the differences in tools required and the specialized knowledge needed to fully restore an RV to working condition after a collision, it's of paramount importance that you find a qualified auto collision repair expert with years of experience working with RVs. Thankfully, RVs are designed to be resilient in the event of a collision and, together with the fact that they are larger than conventional automobiles and suffer less damage in a crash, can most often be restored to factory condition quickly and easily.