3 Things To Know About Frame Straightening

If your vehicle was recently damaged in an accident, the frame of your vehicle may need to be straightened out. Here are a few things that you need to know about how the frame straightening process works.

#1 The Set-Up

Any auto body shop that is going to do frame straightening needs to have a multi-point set-up. This type of set-up involves a full frame that your vehicle drives onto. Then, each corner of the frame will have long, tall towers. Attached to these towers are chains that can be used to full your vehicle and straighten out the frame in the correct manner. Additionally, there are other ramps and attachments that can be used to make sure that your frame is precisely straightened out.

#2 Securing Your Vehicle

Second, it is really important that your vehicle is secured to the frame straightening device. When you see your vehicle up on the frame straightening device, it should be anchored in place. Generally, it is anchored on each corner of your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle doesn't move. The corners of your vehicle are generally strong points, which is why they are used as anchors. Anchoring your vehicle will assist with the frame straightening process and will help ensure that your vehicle doesn't move as the mechanics work on fixing your vehicle.

Your vehicle may also be secured using additional devices, such as vice clamps, turnbuckles as well as locking wing nut set-ups. There should never be a question of your vehicle's security when the frame is being straightened.

#3 Measurements

Before a frame is straightened, your vehicle will need to be accurately measured. This is not a process that is done by hand. Generally, auto body shops have programs that are capable of mapping out all of the damage as well as the exact measurements of your specific vehicle. This type of three dimensional mapping will allow the mechanics working on your vehicle to identify the exact strategic points where they need to apply pressure in order to get your frame back to its original shape. You can even ask to see these measurements in order to understand all of the exact steps that the mechanics will need to take to fix your vehicle's frame.

As the mechanics work on your vehicle, they will take new measurements to determine if the straightening techniques they have been using have worked, and make adjustments to their plan to fix your vehicle accordingly. For more information, contact a business such as High Point Body & Paint